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Our story

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Sandro Fusella learned the leather artisan profession when he was 15, when he started developing his skills and working for notable fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Fendi. His decennial experience, enthusiasm, and ambition led him to start Pelletteria Fusella in February 1989, in Valceresio.

Sandro Fusella in his lab

The first company's products are born in a small lab.

Every piece is created with enormous care and dedication to every component.

Thanks to the hard work, after some years Pelletteria Fusella starts to grow. Finally, in 2008 the company reached an important goal: the grand opening of the current headquarters. At the side of Sandro are working his sons, Federico and Francesco, and his nieces, Sonia and Luana, who grew up in the company like in a second home. Every person that contributes to the life of Pelletteria Fusella is a member of a family, and it feels like the headquarters is a welcoming home where to live the everyday routine in harmony.

Sandro Fusella

Sandro Fusella is not only a founder; he's the one who made his work an art form thanks to his passion and determination. His offices are a place where the pleasure of learning and creating reigns.

Sandro Fusella together with his sons Francesco and Federico in the showroom