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Our headquarters

It's not only a place where to work, our headquarters is a second home.

Our 1700 square meters building hosts the production rooms, the showroom, and the offices. It's located at an important crossroads in north-western Italy, not that far from some important Italian and Swiss cities.

Pelletteria Fusella headquarters

We are the perfect balance between handmade and advanced production.

In the offices and during the production system, we give much relevance to digitalization and the use of technological systems.

The modeling department is computerized, in fact it's equipped with 3 Aimpes CAD positions and a Plotter, which makes our service more speedy and precise. There are 2 automatic cutting machines Atom Flash Cut at the cutting and production positions, which let us apply every type of cut faster and more accurately. The expert hands of our artisans work in symphony with all the machines.

The synergic work between craftiness and technology allows us to satisfy every type of request in short times. We can supply for high quantity requests, preserving our high-quality excellence.

Innovation, quality, precision. This is the work in our headquarters.

Atom Flashcut machine in action