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Fusella Made in Italy

Our decades of experience and the continuous technological evolution have let us reach a high quality in producing bags of every typology. In 2016, after a fortuitous encounter with the Korean Kim family, borns the idea of creating a collection of bags for our personal brand "Fusella - Made in Italy". It has been the start of a trip made of collaboration and professional trust, which will become an amicable relationship.

Fusella - Made in Italy bag
Sandro and Francesco Fusella together with Joseph Kim

Joseph and Jasmin Kim are the owners of a beautiful showroom in South Korea; they collaborate with the best home-shopping tv stations and have a very important sales network. Together with them, we reached a huge goal in 2018, when we sold 5000 of our personal brand bags in 20 minutes. This achievement took us big popularity in Italy and Korea, a nation we love because of its hospitality and culture.

Between Italy and Korea

Thus far, the bond between the Kim family and us is very solid. The Fusella brand is stable in the country, where our products are sold in various shops and shopping centers. The bags are entirely produced in Italy, where we can guarantee a high-level quality standard during all the production cycle. Since 2019, Fusella - Made in Italy grants the selling exclusivity to QVC Italy tv station, which is classified as the first home-shopping platform in the world. Thanks to Francesco Fusella's live shows, we found a huge interest among our viewers, creating a discrete success in Italy.

Showroom located in Korea